Meeting with Science and Technology in Portugal

Lisbon Congress Center July 8-10, 2019

July 8-10, 2019


(...) Climate Action (II) 9 JUL
3:30 pm Auditorium 3 - Climate Action (II)

  • The problem of generalization in machine learning models for wine grape ripeness assessment using hyperspectral imaging
    • Pedro Melo-Pinto, Alexandra Mendes-Ferreira, Armando Fernandes, Véronique Gomes, Rui Silva, Center for the Research and Agro-Environmental and Biological Sciences
  • Water resources management in river basins facing floods and droughts
    • Luís Filipe Sanches Fernandes, Rui Cortes, Daniela Terêncio, Fernando Pacheco, CITAB (Center for the Research and Agro-Environmental and Biological Sciences) and CQ (Chemistry Center of Vila Real)
  • Research on energy and climate change to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
    • Luís Dias, Júlia Seixas, Patrícia Fortes, Sofia Simões, João P. Gouveia, Teresa Brás, Juliana Barbosa, Luís Fazendeiro, Hugo Tente, Joana Monjardino, Francisco Ferreira, Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research
  • Common Goods without Borders - The conceptual evolution due to climate change
    • Paulo Magalhães, Center for Legal and Economic Research
  • Paleopalynology: a window to better understand the ancient palaeoenvironments and palaeoclimates
    • Gilda Lopes, Paulo Fernandes, Zélia Pereira, Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA)