YEAR 2020 No 2 Vol. 22

ISSN 2182-9845

Types of contracts, related contracts and withdrawal: the arguments of the Judgement of the CEU of 20 march 2020 (C-583/18)

Lídia Arnau Raventós


services contract; sales contract; transport contract; ancillary contract; linked contract; right of withdrawal.


The Court denies the term “contracts for passenger transport services” (art. 3,3.k Dir. 2011/83) includes the service contract whose object is to entitle the consumer to a price reduction when passenger transport contract are subsequently concluded. The arguments are: the contract is neither itself directly concerned with enabling the transporting of passengers to be carried out, nor is a contract “inextricably linked” to the transport contract and the exercise of withdrawal will not entail disproportionate consequences to the professional. The comment analyzes the three arguments.