1. It’s a wonderful (digital) world: Law in a digital and technological society

Leading Researcher: Rute Teixeira Pedro / Maria Raquel Guimarães

The technological developments of the last decades have deeply changed everyday life from the family and individual spheres into the professional and collective spheres. In many fields, the signs of this new age are clearly noticed and continuously challenge law. To name only a couple of these digital novelties, we may recall the new products with increasing degrees of artificial intelligence and the new social media promoted by the use of internet. Legal problems that emerge from the digitalization of the world are multiple and complex, as they emerge from the movement of dematerialization and erosion of the state and spatial barriers promoted by the new technological devices.
Many issues will be addressed within the scope of this project. The legal problems connected for instance with the dissemination of information through a tweet or a post in a social network, e-commerce, smart contracts, storage, access and use of data in electronic databases, provision of health services (e-health, m-health), digital signatures, the change in labour work produced by the so-called collaborative economy, dematerialisation of civil and criminal procedures, cybercrime.
Partnerships with institutional stakeholders are expected, namely with entities related with data protection, health assistance and consumer protection. 
With regard to the project “It's a wonderful (digital) world: Law in a digital and technological society”,  in the course of research activities, namely in terms of “cross-fertilisation” and theoretical progress, the following events and publications are to be registered:
  1. Member of the Consultative Committee of ELI's (European Law Institute) Project “Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts”, from September  2018 to December 2021 (represented by Maria Raquel Guimarães). 
  2. International seminar Copyright in the Internet Age: Reflections on the New European Legal Framework, March 2019, FDUP. Will the Internet end? Will Youtube disappear? Much has been written and said about the Proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive on copyright in the digital single market. CIJE understood that it was time to start a debate on the challenges that this Internet age brings to copyright as configured.
  3. Colloquium Labour Law and Technology - The new challenges, held on April 11, 2019, in a joint organization CIJE, ELSA, AEFDUP - Students Association of the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto and Iuris FDUP Junior. Topics such as the use of technology in law enforcement, industry and the handling of legal proceedings were discussed.
  4. Seminar Legal Challenges for Financial and Business Innovation, organized by CIJE and the Securities Market Commission (CMVM).The Seminar took place at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto, on May 10, 2019, and was attended by guest speakers from the Faculty of Sciences of U.Porto, Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra, from the São Paulo Lawyers Institute and Farfetch, as well as speakers from CMVM and CIJE. Topics such as Artificial Intelligence, the legal challenges of applying artificial intelligence and blockchain in companies and the challenges posed by digital platforms were addressed. Also in this scientific event, a collaboration protocol was signed between FDUP and CMVM;
  5. Banking Law, Financial System and Fintech, international conference held on the 5th July 2019, in partnership with Fundação Eng. António de Almeida, Bank Carregosa, J. P.A.B, José Pedro Aguiar Branco, Advogados e Miguel Veiga, Neiva Santos e Associados.
  6. Publication of the open access e-book Business Models in Legal Tech Companies. This publication corresponds, with slight adaptations, to the original dissertation entitled “How business models and technologies are being integrated in Legal Tech companies?”, from the Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship at the University of Porto, defended at a public presentation at the Faculty of Engineering on July 23rd, 2019, under the assessment of the following members of the jury: Adélio Miguel Magalhães Mendes (president), Jorge Morais Carvalho (external examiner) and Maria Raquel Guimarães (supervisor and principal researcher for this project).
  7. Publication of the post "Mb Way, 'engenharia social' e operações fraudulentas", by Maria Raquel Guimarães, on Nova Consumer Blog, 31 May 2021.
PhD Thesis
  • Magalhães, Fernanda de Araujo Meirelles, Smart Contracts e Blockchain: possiveis soluções diante de uma crise, FDUP, Porto [em curso]

Master's Degree Dissertations