Common Home of Humanity

Leading Researcher: Paulo Magalhães

This project is an international Network with scientists and jurists from 10 countries around the world. The project has resulted in a protocol between the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment, the Municipalities of Porto and Gaia, the NGO Zero, and its scientific headquarters based in CIJE.
In 2018, the association Common Home of Humanity was created by several partners and scientists, from earth and human sciences and also law’s academics. The objective is to put forward a proposal so that the favourable state of the Earth System as a whole, which is represented by the current geological epoch, the Holocene, is recognised as Intangible Common Heritage of Humanity 2019 was dedicated to the consolidation of activities for the dissemination of research results and the preparation of a post-doctorate under the project, which ends in early 2020.
Among the intense activity of the project's researchers, an international and multidisciplinary conference stands out, dedicated to Finding common paths to build our Common Home, 1-3 February 2019, and the short course dedicated to Environment Law (“Direito do Ambiente”), 17 October 2019.
The Common Home of Humanity joined forces with the Planetary Press to promote the Common Home Conversations. They discuss, in a weekly basis, since 23 September 2020, how the proposal of recognizing the existence of an Intangible Global Common without borders – the Earth System – can change our relation with our planet. The podcasts can be accessed  here.

Master's Degree Dissertation
  • Santos, Catarina Vanessa Pinheiro, Extensões da Personalidade: o Fenómeno da Personificação da Natureza, FDUP, 2020.

PostDoctoral Research

Cerimónia de assinatura da criação formal da Casa Comum da Humanidade 



Notícia Câmara Municipal do Porto 16 de julho de 2016 

Notícia site Cuidar da Casa Comum de 21 de julho de 2018 

Notícia Expresso 19 de Setembro de 2018 

Notícia Expresso de 29 de setembro de 2018 

Global Challenges Foundation (GCF)

- Paulo Magalhães (PI)
- Graça Enes Ferreira
- Maria Regina Redina
- Maria Raquel Guimarães
- Helena Mota
- Tiago Ramalho
- Alexandra Domingues
- Luísa Eckenroth Moreira
- Catarina Vanessa Pinheiro Santos