Inês Neves

Collaborated Researcher

Guest Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Porto, since September 2018: Constitutional Law, Political Science, Introduction to Law, Commercial Law and European Union Law.

Graduated in Law, from the Faculty of Law, University of Porto (2018), with a final average of 17. In 2016, she was distinguished with the Incentive Award of the University of Porto, which recognised the students who, in the year of 2014/2015, completed the 1st year with the best average in the 14 faculties of the University of Porto.

Post-graduate degree (2019) in Corporate Law (Companies, IPC), at IDET - Instituto de Direito das Empresas e do Trabalho, Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra.
Currently attends the Doctorate in Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Porto.

She is a Trainee Lawyer, preparing her admission to the Portuguese Bar Association.

She has attended and has participated in several conferences, seminars, lectures and meetings, as well as short courses, namely on Labour Law Procedural Practices, the New Administrative Justice: ETAF and CPTA from the perspective of the 2015 reform, Introduction to German Private Law, Selected Problems of Legal Methodology, Tax Procedural Practices, among others.

External Collaborator at CIJE - Centro de Investigação Jurídico-Económica -, since 2017 and Collaborator Researcher since September 2018.
Member of the Executive Committee of the International Meeting "Sociedade de Permutas e Combinações: Legal Problems of the Collaborative Economy", organised by CIJE.

Responsible for and coordinator of the Understanding Europe project during the year 2017/2018, as an associate of the European Youth Parliament (EYP/PEJ).

She has published articles in the areas of Competition Law, Labour Law and Law of Obligations.

Fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Ciência Vitae: 9B1F-991D-D522