José Domingo Portero Lameiro

Collaborated Researcher

José Domingo Portero Lameiro exercises teaching and research activities at the University of Granada (Spain). He is a member of the SEJ-058 Research Group of the Andalusian R&D Plan. He was the forerunner of the Portuguese-Spanish Observatory for customs supervision of intellectual property, which he coordinates. His research project "Copyright and the Magna Carta" was selected by Banco Santander in the "Young Latin American Teachers 2014" call.
He is the author of several publications, including: The (relative) constitutionality of copyright in Spain: Background and status of the issue (2016), Intellectual property over advertising works: Towards a new legislative configuration in Spain (2017), all published by the prestigious Dykinson publishing house.
He has also participated in several collective works, such as: Rural Law (Glória Teixeira dir.) (2013). A forest in Portugal: Legal-economic study (Glória Teixeira dir.) (2015).
It also integrates the body of external reviewers of RED and the academic council of the Journal of Border Studies of the Strait of Gibraltar.