Anabela Leão

Integrated Researcher - Co-Coordinator

Anabela da Costa Leão (1978, Porto, Portugal) graduated in Law in 2000 from Faculty of Law - University of Porto  and received her PhD in Law (Public Law) from Faculty of Law- New University of Lisbon.
Besides her teaching activity in the Law Degree Course (Constitutional Law, Fundamental Rights, Political Science and Administrative Law) and in the Master Degree Course at FDUP, her academic experience also comprises lectures in master and post-graduation courses in several institutions.

She is member of FDUP's research center Centro de Investigação Jurídico-Económica.
Her present research interests are in the fields of Constitutional Law, Fundamental Rights and Political Science, with special focus on the questions raised by cultural and religious diversity and immigrant rights. Her publications include articles, book chapters, as well as the book (co-authored with Carla A. Gomes) The Immigrant Condition. A Study of Constitutional and Administrative Law (2010).


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